Anyone else have a little tiny curly haired woman beating on their chest from the inside out? I have THE straightest hair so you can imagine how stoked I am to have these No Heat Curls down pat.

As you know, I haven’t used shampoo for 4.5 years. In that time I have also given up using any toxic chemicals on my hair, and any damaging heat too. So when I got the recent urge for a PERM it knocked me over a bit. I began justifying to myself why it would be okay to get a perm. What the blazes?! I took urgent action and figured out a way to get curls in a non damaging, albeit less permanent way. (Even curling irons are super rough on your hair…)

I am rag curling my hair every night these days, just until I get the curly urge out of my system. It might always be there, and that will be fine, cos this routine only takes about 2 minutes to set up, and did I mention it is completely non damaging to my hair? What a dream!
Here are some photos of the process.
No Heat Curls

No Heat Curls

No Heat Curls

No Heat Curls

No Heat Curls:

1- Tear up one of your manky bed sheets (just jokes, I am sure YOUR sheets aren’t manky)
2- They need to be about 3-6 cm in width and about 10-20 cm wide
3- I like loose curls so only split my hair into 3 or 4 rags. If you have thick hair or want tiny tight curls then split your hair into many more.
4- Spread a little non toxic, homemade linseed gel on your dry hair. See below video for how to. (Or use another natural product)
5- Begin at the very ends of your hair, roll your hair up into the rag, as per the video.
5- Tie it once.
6 – Go to sleep, wake up, TA DA!

I love these no heat curls! I do them up on the top of my head normally and it lifts my hair from the roots and gives the ends some beauty curls.No Heat Curls tutorial


I also find my homemade linseed gel to be totally indispensible –
Homemade hair gel write up here


Hope you enjoyed my recipe for homemade hair gel! Would love to hear about your favourite homemade hair things :D Come and tell me on Instagram!


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