I live in a bit of a bubble of No Poo Hair. I have been shampoo free for 4.5 years, many of my family and friends have have also given up shampoo, and I get regular emails from people just loving and celebrating their No Poo hair.  I sometimes feel like shampoo is sooooo nineties.

In my world natural shampoo alternatives and homemade conditioners are the total norm. And it isn’t just for hippies or earth mothers – but for people who truly care about the health of their hair.

And then I’ll get a comment somewhere on the internet like “Ugh! No Shampoo? That is filthy and gross!”

I wondered if gathering together some photos of a range of people with gorgeous No Poo hair might help change that perception, and maybe help expand the bubble I live in even further! Hopefully people will see these images and realise that No Poo hair is for anyone, and that it is shiny, clean, healthy.

So, here we go. Beautiful people, their No Poo hair and their natural hair regimen!

No Poo Hair - photos to make you want to give up shampoo!
Bexley says “So, since I’ve switched to no poo, my hair has been looking and feeling a shit ton healthier. I love it! I mostly do the BS with white vinegar/Kombucha Vinegar/Apple Cider Vinegar, or Egg yolk and one of those vinegars. I occasionally do a tea soak with honey.”

No Poo Hair - photos to make you want to give up shampoo!
Adriana uses rye flour + egg yolk + aloe –  on her no poo hair. Head to the bottom of the page for a Youtube Video on Rye Flour Shampoo. It is especially great as an anti dandruff shampoo!

No Poo Hair - photos that will make you want to give up shampoo!Joti explains “I wash with Besan (gram flour) + honey + homemade Yoghurt, followed by an acidic rinse once a week. Apply extra virgin coconut oil on the ends after wash.”
For reference here is Joti’s hair Before No Poo
No Poo Hair - photos to make you want to give up shampoo!
and her hair After No Poo:No Poo Hair - photos to make you want to give up shampoo!

I get a few comments from people with greying saying they’d never get away with No Poo. Oh! But you could!  Here is Tammy with her gorgeous locks.No Poo Hair - giving up shampoo is for everyone!
I want to include Tammy’s whole message as it is inspiring and speaks of needing to do No Poo with freedom, rather than feeling afraid of messing up.

Tammy says “Some observations on my No poo hair – I gave up shampoo 8 months ago!
1) This is a commitment, and is often trying at first. Don’t beat yourself up or panic if it takes longer than a month to transition. Depending on environment, nutrition, hormones, stress and/or how abused your hair was when you started, it may take longer, but it’s worth it.
2) Don’t beat yourself up if you can’t go 4-5 days or longer between alternative washes. Sometimes I can go 5 days and some times 3 is the best I can do.
3) Remember, our hair like our bodies can change with time and other factors, so don’t be afraid to vary your routine to accommodate. When you used commercial shampoo you sometimes had to change it because of the same factors, no poo isn’t different in that.
4) Don’t beat yourself up if you have to use a commercial cleansing shampoo because you had to get “dolled up” for a special occasion and had to use some “nasty” hair products to hold your beautiful hair in place. It happens. Just cleanse the gunk out and return to your no poo/low poo life.
5) Don’t beat yourself up if you have to blow dry your hair occasionally. Sometimes you just have to, especially in the winter so you don’t have icicles form on your head!
6)Do notice how much better not only your hair looks and feels, but the skin on your face! Less breakouts, I haven’t had one now in months, and more even skin tone.
6) brush brush brush with boars hair brush! I do an over and under. It really helps! (Ed: It also stimulates hair growth completely naturally: WIN!!)
7)Get a shower cap! Have found that using one really helps keep my hair nice and full between cleansing. The moisture from the shower without the cap weighs it down.
8) enjoy not having to buy shampoo, conditioner, mousse, hairspray, etc and spend countless hours washing and drying your hair every day!!
9) Enjoy how much healthier you hair looks and feels and how much more manageable and for most, how much fuller/thicker it feels!!
10) And lastly, DONT GIVE UP!”

Here is the lovely’s Christa’s hair, both without curls and with heat and product free curls.

No Poo Hair! Photos that will make you want to stop using shampoo!

Christa no poo

Christa says “What works for me, might not work for everyone, but here’s what I do:
1. I wash every 5-6 days (no washes or water only in between, usually)
2. I wash with baking soda and water mix (1 tbsp Baking Soda, 1 cup water)
3. I brew a cup of Hazelnut Folger’s coffee, then put a decaf spiced chai tea bag in, and a tbsp of ACV. This is the mixture I rinse with. I had to try a few things before finding one that actually worked for me.”

No Poo Hair - photos that will make you want to give up shampoo!
Whitney says “I rotate a lot. I switch between egg (see how to apply egg on hair here), rye, bentonite clay, and Jr Liggett Shampoo bar with coffee rinse. I have low porosity hair so I can’t use protein washes much, and the bar helps me not overload. The clay is drying, so it is rare.” Her favourite once a week honey wash can be found here.

Here is a video about using Rye Flour Shampoo for beautiful, dandruff free No Poo Hair – includes Before and After.

Are you totally inspired? I hope so! I’ve been helping people discover their own No Poo Hair for three years now through my bestselling no poo book, Happy Hair. It’s the ultimate guide to giving up shampoo and there is a copy with your name on it…

“I’ve been shampoo free for almost six months with the help of this book. It talks you through all the steps, gives enough background of the science to be interesting but not so thorough that it becomes dull. It’s written with a great sense of humour in a very accessible way and I love all the tips for troubleshooting. Also love the many (many!) natural alternatives that the author has tried and is able to give feedback on. Money well spent.” Amazon review

No Poo Hair - five photos that will make you want to give up shampoo